The Institute’s branches provide critical, local insights on issues affecting the industry in real-time. The industry experts within our membership, and on-the-ground in each region, act as conduit for information about development in their area.

Our deep understanding of regional matters give us a powerful voice when advocating to all levels of government.

Thanks to our knowledge of each region we are well placed to provide support to an industry that is sensitive to market cycles. When times are tough we’re there to support our regional members, working with local government to stimulate development and advocating for outcomes that create jobs and bolster local economies.
Thanks to this branch structure our expertise in all matters property development runs the length and breadth of Queensland. We understand the diversity of the State and how best to advocate for change in each region to make local communities great.
Each region has a volunteer management committee, led by a Branch President, to advocate on local development matters. You can find the details for your local branch below.