August 8, 2024 Brisbane

2024 Developers Conference

This event is an opportunity for property development professionals to hear about topical industry issues as well as expose yourself to new insights.


Eliza Owen

Simon Kuestenmacher

David Grant

Suzee Brain

Gillon McLachlan

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Townsville Council Planning Update

July 9, 2024 Townsville

Join us on 9 July to hear the latest updates from Townsville City Council on their approach to planning for the region.

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Cr Brodie Phillips

Paul Needham

Glen Maidment

Duane Gibson

Fraser Coast Manufactured Homes: A New Legislative Era

July 10, 2024 Fraser Coast

Join us on 10 July as we delve into the critical changes introduced through the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Bill 2024 and its implications for...

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Karl Frank

Kylie Waldock

Mackay State Development Area: The Path Ahead

July 11, 2024 Mackay / Whitsunday

Join us on 11 July to gain an in-depth understanding of the newly declared Mackay State Development Area (SDA) and its implications for the region.

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Adam Jones

Aletta Nugent

Deniz Mete

2024 UDIA Queensland Golf Day

July 12, 2024 Brisbane, Ipswich

Get in quick, our annual Golf Day is back for 2024! Join us for a day on the green to work on your hole-in-one, and...

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Logan State of the Market

July 18, 2024 Logan

Join us on 18 July for an in-depth discussion on the latest market trends in civil lot costs and land sales in the region.

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Dan Collins

Tony WIlliams

Michael Bishop

National Housing Pipeline: An Audit of Developable Land in SEQ

July 19, 2024 Brisbane

Join us on 19 July for an exclusive analysis of land supply in South East Queensland.

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John Pappas

Scott Ullman

Max Shifman

Michelle Cottrell

Unlocking the Northern Gold Coast

July 24, 2024 Gold Coast

Be in the room when key stakeholders and industry experts come together to discuss the opportunities for development in the Northern Gold Coast.

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Cr Mark Hammel

Daniel Farquhar

Michael Long

Toowoomba Spotlight on: Infrastructure Agreements

July 31, 2024 Toowoomba

Join us on 31 July to explore the challenges of negotiating Infrastructure Agreements and the opportunities to improve the delivery of infrastructure in the region.

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Jason Miller

Adam Gould

Stephen Bowers

Ipswich SEQ Regional Plan Update

August 1, 2024 Ipswich

Join us on 1 August to discuss the latest update to the South East Queensland Regional Plan, and what it means for the future of...

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Kieran Hanna

Garath Wilson

Kris Krpan