We deliver an annual program that includes quantitative and qualitative research exclusive to members.

Our program includes regular publication of quantitative reports that collate market data based on region. The quarterly Market Report powered by CoreLogic and On the Radar with Urbis are made available to all members. Research Insiders also have access to the annual comparison we complete of Infrastructure Charges across key Queensland local government areas.

Through the Research Foundation we also conducts qualitative research through focus groups to explore key industry issues. The data derived directly from this work is exclusive to the Research Foundation’s Industry Leaders Research Group for twelve months. We distill the broad insights collected to inform events topics as well as our policy and advocacy work. The qualitative research undertaken with the Industry Leaders Research Group has advanced the industry’s understanding of critical issues like internal and external amenity preferences, the lifecycle of property buyers, perceptions of density, performance based planning, and community engagement. Our work to innovate the community engagement process culminated in the publication of the Being a good neighbour guide for members. It contains actionable ideas to improve their approach and overcome the challenges that have been traditionally associated with engagement.

The Foundation also monitors industry issues and commissions research that will be benefit members and complement its ongoing program of work, such as the Contribution of the Development Industry to Queensland report and the biennial Consumer Sentiment Survey.