Awards FAQs

All your questions about the Awards for Excellence process answered. The FAQs have been categorised to help you find the answers you want, faster. 

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Questions about entering

Please note that only members are eligible to win an Institute Award for Excellence.

Non-members are still welcome to submit an Intent to Enter, however they must become a member before the submission deadline of June 10.
Only members can make submissions.

If you are not a member and want information about joining please contact our Director of Member Services Emma O’Neill via

The Awards are an opportunity to be recognised for excellence within the development industry. If your company has done something unique, pushed the boundaries, or innovated to overcome challenges, you should consider entering. The Awards are very competitive, so becoming a winner or finalist is acknowledgement of outstanding success from your peers.

Your awards submission must be completed through our online system (link at top of this page). You can get a head start by electing to complete and Intent to Enter free of charge before we open submissions. If you register your details and download the criteria you will be provided with a discount code which makes you eligible to save $220 on your submission fee (excluding categories 1-3). Entrants will be provided 5 business days once submissions open to start their entry after the Intents to Enter phase closes with the discount code. If you start your submission after the 5 business days, you will pay full price to make your submission.

Submitting an Intent to Enter is the only way to access the criteria before submissions open and qualify for the Early Bird discount that saves you $220.

Category questions

Projects eligible for categories 4 through to 10, 12 and 14 through to 17 must be submitted by a developer.
Projects eligible for category 13 may be entered by a developer or an architect.
Projects eligible for categories 11 and 18 may be entered by government entities (State and Local) or a developer.
Projects eligible for category 19 may be entered by consultants, government entities (State and Local) or a developer.
Projects eligible for category 20 must be entered by a licensed builder.
Projects eligible for category 21 must be entered by a consultant.
Projects eligible for category 22 may be entered by a developer or a consultant.

Entries in categories 1-15 are eligible for National Awards.

To enquire about your level of membership, please contact the Institute’s Director of Member Services Emma O’Neill via

Every category has unique criteria. Entrants should closely review the criteria to ensure their submission response and site inspections (excluding categories 1-3) address the criteria specifically. Entrants in categories 1 through to 3 are invited to attend an interview instead of a site inspection. Criteria can be obtained when you register your Intent to Enter.

It is highly recommended that you address the criteria related to the Award category you enter. The criteria will be used by the judging panel to assess your written submission.

Each question has a maximum word count of 250 words.


Should you proceed to the submission stage, the following fees will apply per submission (incl. GST):

Categories 1 and 2 – Young Leaders & Women in Leadership
$0 – no fee

Category 3 – Diversity in Development

Categories 4-22
Early Bird: $890 – available only if you complete an Intent to Enter.
Standard: $1,110 – after May 11, unless you qualify for early bird pricing.

The submission fee must be paid with your completed submission by midnight on Friday, 10 June 2022. Submission payments can be made by credit card, direct deposit or cheque payable to “UDIA Queensland”. Invoices must be paid in full seven days after the submission due date.

If you are entering on behalf of a developer or entering the Consultants’ Excellence, Parks and Recreation, Wildcard, Design Excellence or Construction Excellence categories, you must have the written consent of the developer. This written consent must be submitted with the online submission.

Please note that in the event that your submission wins in categories 1 to 14 (with the exception of category 13) the Award will be presented to the developer of the project and all related marketing and communications material will exclusively acknowledge the developer as the winner of the Award.

Consultants can enter categories 19, 21 and 22.

Projects entered into the Awards must be substantially completed, as outlined in the criteria for each Award category. The judging period commences from 15 August 2022.

Please note that this does not apply to the Young Leaders, Women in Leadership, Diversity in Development, Community Engagement, and Marketing Excellence award categories.

Individual projects may be entered in more than one category, where they fit the criteria. A separate submission must be completed for each category.

Entrants are asked to respond to criteria for the specific category for which they are entering, rather than using the same submission text for additional categories. Doing so will give entrants a greater chance of winning.

If you submitted a project in a previous year and did not win you can re-enter the same project multiple times. However, if resubmitting a project that has previously won an Award, you must be able to demonstrate to the judges that significant changes have been made to the project for your submission to be valid.

All submissions must be prepared online. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted.

Some entrants copy the criteria into a Word document to work on their responses before submitting. If you do this, be sure to keep in mind the word count limits.

You may make changes to your submission up until the closing date being June 10, after this date submissions will be considered complete. Any items or documents submitted after this time will be accepted or declined at the Institute’s discretion.

The Executive Summary will be used for the purposes of judging. The executive summary, in addition to any detail provided in the full submission, may be published in the Awards issue of our establish magazine if your project is announced as a winner or a finalist. The establish articles will be written at the Institute’s discretion.

You are not required to submit an establish article with your submission. Instead, the Institute will use any detail, wording, statistics, and other information provided in the full submission to write the establish article should your project be a winner or category finalist. The establish articles will be written at the Institute’s discretion.

You are not required to provide a media release with your submission.

You will need to provide a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 high resolution images of your project as part of your submission. Images sent through after the submission due date will be considered at the Institute’s discretion. The number of photos required for entrants in categories 1 through to 3 is different. Refer to the instructions.

Image guidelines: The Institute reserves the right to select submission images at its discretion to be used in the Awards for Excellence AV production and the establish magazine should you be named a finalist and/or winner.

All submission cancellations (withdrawal) must be made in writing to the Institute.

Submission fees will be refunded if cancellation is received via written notification prior to the submission closing date (June 10).

Cancellations or withdrawals made after this time are non-refundable. Please note that associated fees such as administration fees cannot be refunded. Any refunds will be processed approximately one fortnight after the event has concluded.

The finalists and winners will be announced at a lunch to be held in Brisbane at the end of the year. Date for 2022 luncheon is yet to be confirmed.

Tickets are not allocated to entrants. You must purchase your own ticket(s).

Other queries

No. Changes to the site inspection date and time are not permitted under any circumstances. It is strongly recommended that you block out the judging period in all key company representative’s diaries in advance to ensure the right people (i.e. CEO, Chairman, Development Manager, Project Lead etc) are available.

Yes. Under no circumstances should an entrant be in contact with or approach a member of the judge’s panel outside the hour of their scheduled site inspection. Should the Institute be made aware of such behaviour, your entry will be disqualified immediately.

Most definitely not!

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All media enquiries to be directed to: 

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