Research Foundation

Our Research Foundation delivers premium urban development and market insights to our members to help you make your next big business decision.

Since 2014, our bespoke research has filled a critical gap in industry knowledge.

Our work informs members about best practice and market trends that deliver better communities.

The knowledge we gather informs not only our members but also our advocacy work and events program.

We believe a more informed development industry will result in the delivery of diverse housing choices for Queenslanders.

The work of the Research Foundation is possible thanks to our partner Construction Skills Queensland.

We also collaborate with a number of partners to deliver our research program to members.

About the Industry Leaders Research Group

Our Research Foundation selects qualitative research projects with guidance from our Industry Leaders Research Group (ILRG).

They act as our ‘brains trust’ ensuring we deliver research that reflects the business needs of our members. With their support we nominate areas of research annually that we believe will help our members create better communities.

Thanks to the input and guidance of the ILRG we have conducted a significant body of research to date.

Key areas of focus have included consumer perceptions and preferences with regard to property as well as community engagement. Membership of the group is by invitation only. To find out more contact us. 

About Research Insiders

Access exclusive research used by major developers

Sign up for the 2021 Research Insiders program and you’ll receive exclusive access to findings from property buyer focus groups on their compact housing preferences.

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