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  • New Rockhampton Planning Scheme has been adopted

    The UDIA (Qld) welcomes news that the Rockhampton Regional Council adopted a new Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme. The new Scheme commenced on the 24th of August.


    The Institute considers the new scheme to be a key instrument in ensuring Rockhampton grows, allowing for the development of new communities, new business opportunities and the employment growth that flows from these outcomes.


    One exciting aspect of the new scheme is the launch of an interactive online planning portal called ‘Rock e Plan’, making the process of planning for a development in the Rockhampton Region significantly easier. 

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  • The Next 5kms – It’s a wrap!

    Thank you to all our members who attended last week’s EnviroDevelopment event in Brisbane, The Next 5ms – Beyond the City Centre.

    At this packed-out event, over 150 attendees heard from guest speakers from Brisbane City Council, Economic Associates and Cardno HRP about the ins and outs of what makes a project successful on the city fringe.

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  • Update on Koala conservation status

    In June we alerted you to a decision by the State Government to list the koala as ‘vulnerable’ throughout Queensland.


    DEHP has just advised us that they are now seeking to upgrade the conservation status of 130 protected wildlife species, (46 animals and 84 plants) under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. These changes are expected to take effect on or before 7 September. 

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  • Planning reform - funding implementation

    The State Budget included generous funding for the Department of Local Government Infrastructure and Planning to support the implementation of planning reforms - approximately $30m in 2015-16 and a further $30m over the forward estimates. 

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  • Planning reform - how to get involved

    We are holding several events around planning reforms – including a regional roadshow – and we invite you to come along to participate in the change our industry is seeking.

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