Announcement ensuring each state will access HAFF, welcomed by UDIA

The Federal Government’s announcement today that it will ensure at least 1,200 affordable and social houses are delivered in each state and territory under the Housing Affordability Future Fund (HAFF) was welcomed by UDIA.

“The HAFF is a critical housing initiative, but there has always been a concern that some states do not have deep Community Housing Provider (CHP) markets and many state governments have been focused on how to make sure their states do not miss out on HAFF funding,” said Maxwell Shifman, UDIA National President.

Given the stark reality of decades long declines in housing supply and chronic shortages of housing across the spectrum, it is vital we make sure the HAFF harnesses all CHP and private housing providers to the task of boosting affordable and social housing.
The recent announcement now removes state and territory funding concerns and re-focuses everyone squarely on delivering for all of Australia.

“The Federal Government should be congratulated for making the HAFF easier to implement across each state in Australia and industry welcomes the opportunity to work with the political leadership to bolster housing supply and affordability across the spectrum,” said Maxwell Shifman.