Clarity on retaining walls ongoing

Ipswich City Council continues work on its draft fact sheet for Site Responsive Design, Earthworks and Retaining Walls with collaboration with Economic Development Queensland (EDQ).

A workshop hosted by EDQ and attended by Ipswich branch reps and a number of council staff outlined a variety of items and issues raised by our members.

Many of the issues raised from members relate to the prescriptive application of retaining wall requirements and how it’s applied to development typically at greater densities. The Institute sought greater flexibility in support for more responsive design to the site’s context. We previously reported back in May 2020 council’s positioning around retaining walls.

Council has been clear that it is not the intent that the Fact Sheet introduce ‘new’ or ‘additional’ standards. Any new standards or changes in how development is to address slope affected land will be considered as part of the preparation of the new Ipswich Planning Scheme and will involve further consultation.

If members have any questions relating to this matter, please contact the team via email.

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