Institute continues advocacy on retaining walls

Members in the Ipswich region have reported that council’s position had shifted on how earthworks and retaining structures be undertaken and observed potential impacts on housing delivery.

The Institute has responded by providing further feedback on their position regarding retaining walls.

It is understood that council has taken a strong position on walls having a maximum height for a single vertical retaining walls of 1.5m. If staggering is required, retaining structures must provide 1-metre horizontal separation.

Since then, council has embarked on drafting facts sheets to assist the industry in earthworks and retaining walls. The draft fact sheet aims to promote the early consideration of land characteristics and engagement with council to achieve improved land use outcomes whilst the new Ipswich Planning Scheme is being prepared.

The Institute’s Ipswich branch prepared a submission providing direct feedback to council’s factsheet. Due the early nature of this feedback, the Institute is unable to provide a copy of the submission in this member alert. However you can view the initial submission we sent to council late last year here

If you would like to discuss the Institute’s submission, please contact us via