We need your feedback

City of Gold Coast has introduced a new Neighbourhood element overlay code and map. The introduction of this new overlay will also include a new impact assessment trigger for future development. The new map will be overlayed onto the identified growth areas being Biggera Water, Labrador, and Southport (west).

Council is also proposing planning scheme requirements for deep planting space in the low density, low-medium density, medium density, and high-density residential zones. A second round of consultation is being undertaken.

The Institute has also found that there are proposed requirements to place a minimum lot size of 800 sqm for multiple dwellings in the low-medium density residential zone, where greater than 12-metres in building height.

Among the new changes, council is considering a reduction in some setback requirements within the high density residential zones.

We are asking members to review these proposed changes and other parts of the amendment package and provide your comments to us and council. It is paramount that we provide council with feedback to ensure we can deliver the necessary dwellings in the Gold Coast region, particularly for the infill areas.

ShapingSEQ anticipates that more than 80% of its total dwellings will be located in existing urban areas.

The second round of consultation for Our City Our Plan will conclude on the 12 February 2020. We strongly encourage members to pass on their comments for us to  include in the submission. The Institute raised several issues in its earlier submission on the scheme. Residential development in the high density residential zones being a significant challenge.

If you have any questions, please contact Policy Executive, Robert Tily.