Victoria Point Structure Plan impass

Both the State Government and Redland City Council have responded to the Institute’s letter encouraging early action on the South West Victoria Point Local Plan – Major Amendment (Victoria Point Structure Plan).

The Institute has significant concerns about the very low availability of greenfield housing supply and its flow on impacts for affordability and employment in the Redlands Coast. An approval of the structure plan would bring forward necessary housing supply into the region.

The State Government has firmly stated that the present state interest review of the Victoria Point Structure Plan planning scheme amendment is a matter of priority. It will continue to work with council on the relevant state interest, noting that a well planned development in South West Victoria Point is consistent with the objectives of the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017.

Redland City Council is holding fast on their resolution to not proceed with the Victoria Point Structure Plan until “the Victoria Point Bypass study is publicly released and there is a firm commitment to the dual carriage way of Cleveland-Redland Bay Road between Magnolia Parade, Victoria Point and Giles Road, Redland Bay to accommodate growth in the area”.

The Institute strongly supports council’s desire for more transport infrastructure in the area, but not further delay to the structure plan.

The Institute will work with both council and the State Government to progress the Victoria Point Structure Plan. Please contact Policy Executive, Robert Tily ( (07) 3229 1589 for any questions.