Urgent consultation on design details

Mackay Regional council recently released new planning scheme amendments for consultation.

Five Planning Scheme Policies are proposed to be amended under this round:

  • Planning scheme policy – subsurface drainage design
  • Planning scheme policy – structures – bridge design
  • Planning scheme policy – cycle facilities and pathway design
  • Planning scheme policy – pavement design
  • Planning scheme policy – site regrading.

Significant changes include:

PSP – Subsurface drainage design

  • Include requirement for design by RPEQ Engineer.
  • Reference to AUSTROADS Guide to pavement technology.

PSP – Cycle facilities and pathway design

  • Minimum design standards (widths etc) for bicycle facilities and pathways clarified.
  • Set minimum widths for on-road cycle facilities.

PSP – Pavement Design

  • Clarified that pavements should be designed to allow rehabilitation works to occur or consider whole of life costs.

PSP – Site Regrading

  • Clarified flood floor level requirements.
  • Clarified desirable & mandatory slopes.
  • Clarify RPEQ required to certify any batters over 1m high.

Further details and information on these amendments can be viewed on Council’s website, here.   

Public consultation is until 10 December 2020.

Any views that you have on this can be provided to Policy Manager, Martin Zaltron, via email or on (07) 3229 1589.

Email Martin