Updated contact for QUU water approvals assistance

Correction – We apologise to members as the email address originally given in our Policy Alert on this assistance was incorrect. The information has been re-provided below with the correct contact details.

Queensland Urban Utilities has responded to the Institute outlining measures to support the industry. They have offered industry a 50 percent fee reduction on ‘Extension of currency requests’ for Water Approvals due to expire in the next 12 months.

This COVID-19 provision is available to eligible applicants for $305 commencing 27 March 2020 and will be in place until 25 September 2020.

We welcome this offer to assist the development industry in obtaining water approvals and ensuring our industry can adjust to deliver water and sewer services for future Queensland housing.

The Institute wrote to Urban Utilities’ Chief Executive Officer Louise Dudley regarding protecting jobs in Queensland and implementing measures to support the industry’s continuity. We highlighted the significance behind Urban Utilities role in facilitating development and infrastructure outcomes in South East Queensland.

Urban Utilities will also be implementing flexible working arrangements for its officers and be utilising resources from across our organisation to safeguard the timely delivery of Water Approval applications and services. Other proactive measures include:

  • Working in coordination with the State Government to support the issue of temporary use licences
  • Providing ongoing assistance through bonding of works to facilitate plan sealing, in accordance with existing provisions.

If members have further questions, including how to make an Extension of the currency period request, please visit Urban Utilities’ website or email them on DevelopmentEnquiries@urbanutilities.com.au.

The Institute will continue to work with organisations like Urban Utilities including bringing their attention to Infrastructure charge and other measures included in the Project Bounce Back Action Plan to ensure our industry can continue to function until situation surrounding COVID-19 settles.