Unitywater responds to Institute recommendations for COVID-19

Unitywater has advised that using its Accreditation and Certification system will provide faster turnaround times for members.

In their response to our letter, they assured us they will remain open for business, are committed to supporting development within the region, and will promote faster approval time frames (through the accreditation and certification process). They are also committed to playing their part in facilitating timely development

We requested Unitywater consider measures that ensure the property industry can continue to operate and prepare for an economic recovery post COVID-19. Our letter recommended:

  • Halving all development fees
  • Stay open for business
  • Process plan sealing and bonding applications faster
  • Expand the matters that can be included for on and off maintenance bonding to spread the assessment load
  • Focus on refunds for trunk infrastructure
  • Ensure all inspections continue
  • Delay payment of Infrastructure Charges until the sale and settlement of land
  • Halving the time taken to process applications.

We encourage our members to get into contact with Unitywater to see how you can resolve your applications and potentially fast track your projects.

If members have any questions in relation to the Institute’s advocacy efforts. Please contact us via udia@udiaqld.com.au.