Sunshine Coast branch’s work spreads north to Noosa

Sunshine Coast Branch President Carl Nancarrow has made an approach to Noosa Mayor Clare Stewart to establish an open working relationship between the Institute and council.

“The Institute works in 18 local government areas throughout Queensland, providing expert advice and feedback and, as a result, has a lot to offer Noosa Shire Council,” Carl said.

“In many ways, the need for us all to work together has never been greater than in the difficult economic circumstances coming out of COVID-19,” he said.

Members wanting to add issues to the meeting agenda should email Carl at

The Branch will also propose a Memorandum of Understanding to guide the discussions.

“Whilst separate to key on-the-ground industry issue, the Institute works hard to make sure all interactions between councils and the industry meet the highest levels of transparency and accountability,” Carl said.

“So we are hoping Noosa Council given consideration to entering into this Memorandum of Understanding with us to commit everyone to those principles.”