State Government Infrastructure charges cap and SARA fee increases

The Infrastructure Charges cap is up by 2.9% and State Agency Referral Assessment (SARA) fees and tribunal fees are up by 1.8%. In light of the challenging economic conditions, the decision to increase state fees during a global pandemic and economic recession is disappointing.

The Institute has requested the Queensland Government to provide its rationale for the increases during a time of economic recession, noting the jobs creation capacity of the Queensland property development industry.

The Planning Legislation (Fees and Other Amounts) Amendment Regulation 2020 updates a range of fees and charges in the Planning Regulation 2017 and the RPI Regulation 2014 to reflect annual indexation increases.

Prescribed infrastructure charges (maximum charge) within schedule 16 of the Planning Regulation 2017 have been adjusted to account for the latest producer price index for construction (6427.0, index number 3101 – Road and Bridge construction index for Queensland), published by the Australia Bureau of Statistics. This equates to approximately a 2.9% increase.

The new prescribed amount for two or less bedrooms rises to $21,590.50 (previous $20,956.80) and three or more bedrooms rises to $30,226.70 (from $29,339.55).

The Regional Planning Interests Regulation will also see an increase of 1.8% to the assessment application fees and mitigation values.

If members have any questions, please contact the Queensland Treasury’s Planning Group via email.