State extends COVID-19 legislative changes

The Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning has extended the event period for the COVID-19 applicable event to 31 October 2020.

This means the provisions triggered by the applicable event will continue to have effect, including the ability for:

  • the Minister to declare uses
  • the Minister to extend or suspend relevant periods
  • applications for temporary use licences to be made.

This also means that applications of current declared uses and approved temporary uses licence are also extended to reflect the same timeline.

Members will recall the State Government actioned and implemented these changes under the Public Health and Other Legislation (Public Health and Emergency) Amendment Act 2020, assented on 19 March 2020, which sought changes to the Planning Act 2016.

The Minister for Planning can make a blanket declaration for certain uses or essential businesses to operate 24-hour operations, seven days a week to ensure that they can work around the clock in emergency situations to deliver vital goods and services to Queenslanders.

Any person can apply for a temporary use licence to change or vary existing development approval conditions or other operating constraints that may prevent them from operating during the declared applicable event.

The Institute encourages members to lodge their temporary use licences, if required, to necessarily respond to COVID-19. Please go to the State’s website for enquiries in relation to the applicable event or licences necessary for your development.