SEQ: Koala assessment case studies in the hot seat

The Institute recently met with representatives of the Department of Environmental and Science and the planning group. Following that meeting the Institute has drawn together a range of case studies of situations being experienced in development applications made relevant to the koala regulations that were introduced in February this year.

Working cooperatively on the case studies with the government representatives will assist to resolve appropriate outcomes relevant to the regulations to give guidance of what can be expected. Many in the industry have been uncertain around what outcomes can be achieved for vegetation near koala habitat (KHA) in or out of the koala priority area (KPA) and recent changes to locally refined koala habitat (LRKHA). This uncertainty has delayed applications and seen many face very substantial requests for information, increasing costs for homebuyers.

Key case studies that will be provided to the Department for clarification include:

  • Application of 500 square metre (m2) exemption for new homes including achieving on-site sewage treatment and sheds
  • Interfering with KHA and assessment of impacts on MSES habitat beyond the mapped extent
  • Processes for complex sites
  • Isolated KHA in KPA near key facilities
  • Essential management effects
  • Structure Planning for increased vegetation biodiversity outcomes
  • Clearing of KHA outside KPA
  • Mapping reviews for LRKHA.

Any views that you have on this can be provided to Policy Manager, Martin Zaltron, via email or on (07) 3229 1589.

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