Who our CEO met with in September.

1 September 2020, meeting with Planning Institute of Australia: I met with PIA Queensland’s new State Manager, Matt Collins. The property development industry is inextricably linked with planning as a professional discipline. Having collaborated closely with Matt in previous roles, I look forward to working with PIA in Queensland.

5 August 2020, Knowledge Share Session with Economic Development Queensland: Along with EnviroDevelopment National Manager, Taylor Hood, I presented an overview of sustainability ratings tools available in Australia. I am proud of the UDIA’s own sustainability rating tool, EnviroDevelopment, and value the chance to impart some of our knowledge of the various tools on offer.

4 September 2020, meeting with UDIA National: Along with my other national counterparts, I participated in a discussion about further federal stimulus that will ensure our industry plays its part as Australia beings the road to economic recovery.

7 September 2020, Fiscal and Economic Review: along with other industry representatives, I participated in a briefing on the State Government’s Fiscal and Economic Review. Hosted by the Under Treasurer, the briefing was an opportunity to hear our state’s financial performance and additional stimulus measures designed to support the state through the economic crisis. These are not easy times for our state or our industry but I am grateful for the chance to represent our members at such briefings.

8 September 2020, meeting with the Industry Advisory Group: As one of the Institute’s important conduits between members and government, its purpose is to advance intergovernmental communication and collaboration on issues that impact the development industry. Members include representatives from several government departments, local councils, and utility providers.

9 September 2020, meeting with the Planning and Environment Policy Committee: Formed by the Institute’s volunteer experts on all things Planning and Environment, the committee discussed a wide range of pressing issues including koala mapping, the EPBC review, as well as other matters impacting our members across the state.

11 September 2020, meeting with Place Design Group: Along with the Institute’s Director of Research, I met with Place Design Group to discuss the work of the Research Foundation, particularly with the sphere of community engagement.

11 September 2020, meeting to discuss SEQ City Deal: Along with other peak industry bodies, I met with a range of industry groups to discuss the importance of the City Deal in securing important funding for projects that will prove to be a springboard for economic development in the region.

11 September 2020, meeting with Jason Camden, Economic Development Queensland: I meet regularly with Jason who is Acting General Manager of EDQ to discuss the ways that our industry can work with EDQ to create wonderful communities for Queenslanders.

11 September 2020, meeting with Liza Carroll: I met with the Director-General of Housing and Public Works, Liza Carroll, and other representatives from the department to discuss matters relevant to the property development industry.

14 September 2020, presentation of Industry Leaders Research Group results: Along with our Director of Research, I met with our independent researcher, Two Thirds Sky, to discuss the findings of the ILRG’s first round of research for 2020. Focusing on community perceptions of housing affordability, this round promises to be another rich source of insights that will serve as a springboard for the Institute and members of the Industry Leaders Research Group.

14 September 2020, Planning System Reference Group Meeting: Chaired by the Deputy Director-General of Planning, the Reference Group includes representatives from several stakeholder groups. The purpose of the Group is to act as a sounding board for potential changes to policy and process as well as providing feedback from our members.

16 September 2020, Annual Developers Conference: along with our sponsors, members, and speakers, I attended the Institute’s Annual Developers Conference. 2020 has been a difficult for your industry and, with appropriate measures in place, it was a privilege to gather together and hear from some of our brightest minds on the future of development.

17 September 2020, Industry Leaders Research Group Briefing: Along with other members of the Industry Leaders Research Group, I attended a presentation of the results of the first round of research for 2020. The work of the ILRG has been instrumental in providing a solid foundation for important legislative change, including increased transparency for infrastructure charges. I have no doubt that this latest body of work will also be compelling.

18 September 2020, meeting with Department of Transport and Main Roads: Along with members of the Institute’s policy team, I met with representatives of the Department of Transport and Main Roads to discuss benefits of the Cross River Rail project to the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast as well as providing an update on the Institute’s working party with the department, focused on reducing red tape.

21 September 2020, information webinar with Brisbane City Council: Following the announcement of Brisbane City Council’s Green Incentives policy, the Institute hosted an information session to educate members on the new scheme. We are so appreciative of the initiative taken by Brisbane and other councils across the state to implement schemes that will not only bolster the property development industry during difficult economic times, and also encourage sustainable development.

22 September 2020, meeting with Green Building Council Australia: Along with the National EnviroDevelopment Manager, I met with CEO of GBCA, Davina Rooney, to provide an overview of EnviroDevelopment, the Institute’s sustainability rating tool.

22 September 2020, meeting with Mr Andrew Powell, Shadow Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning: I meet regularly with Mr Powell to discuss the challenges and opportunities encountered by our members across Queensland.

22 September 2020, meeting with Marina Vit, Mosaic Property Group: I met with Marina Vit, Chief Operating Officer of Mosaic Property Group. Mosaic have been staunch supporters of the Institute for some time and members of the Industry Leaders Research Group since 2016 and it is always incredibly valuable to glean from Mosaic’s on-the-ground experience.

22 September 2020, meeting with Kerry Doss, Deputy Director General, Planning: I meet regularly with Mr Doss to discuss the issues faced by our members across the State.

22 September 2020, meeting with member: I met with Lee Butterworth from Brookfield. Brookfield have been longstanding members of the Institute and I valued the chance to meet with Lee and understand the opportunities and challenges currently faced by his business.