Rocky $5k grant leading the way

The new home builders incentive has caused a sensation and has a number of other areas of Queensland looking envious. Other Institute branches, that have also witnessed lower than usual building activity in their respective regions, have been talking to local councils about the possibility of a similar grant or other incentive.

With the development industry in Central Queensland being the fifth largest employer and contributing $1,758.8 million to gross regional product annually the benefit to local employment and the economy of an increase in activity is substantial.

The Central Queensland Branch wrote to council in June this year seeking consideration of an incentives package and council has responded.

In July, council announced a $5,000 new home builder’s grant for contracts signed after 1 August 2019 with the home completed prior to 31 March 2021. This grant is available to people who are currently residents of the Rockhampton Regional Council area.

This incentive’s aim is to increase housing stock, set the community up for population growth, support those wishing to upgrade or invest, stimulate jobs and retail spending and see local builders, plumbers, electricians and white goods and furnishing retailers receive a much-needed boost.

Further information on the boost can be obtained here

Any comments on this issue can be directed to Manager of Policy, Martin Zaltron via email or on 07 3229 1589.