Ripley Valley growth area

One of the fastest growth areas in South East Queensland, Ripley Valley, needs urgent and substantial investment in infrastructure and other facilities, to meet the strong demand from home buyers.

Addressing these requirements requires a well-coordinated and timely planning and development framework to ensure a smooth process. The developers in the Ripley Valley have come together to facilitate this and are working with Economic Development Queensland and the Ipswich City Council to improve the situation for development and home buyers.

The Institute is working with the Ripley Valley Land Owners Group to facilitate improvements to the framework for the region.

Group members are currently working on issues including:

  • Fees for development in the area
  • Accelerating infrastructure in the area
  • Leadership
  • Resources and accountability
  • Sub-regional infrastructure including rail, sewer and water, and roads
  • Infrastructure delivery processes
  • Cultural heritage
  • Timings.

We will report on material and recommendations as it arises from the land owners group and input and coordination with Economic Development Queensland and the Ipswich City Council.

Any views that you have on this can be provided to Policy Manager, Martin Zaltron, via email or on (07) 3229 1589.

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