Regional Growth Strategy progresses

Moreton Bay Regional Council undertakes review into current population and employment figures.

Key points: 

  • RGMS work continues and Institute feedback sought on population and employment models
  • Open dialogue with council positive and will improve output
  • Our role at this stage is communicating key industry concerns and growth modelling expectations.

Work continues within the council on the Regional Growth Monitoring Strategy (RGMS) 2041 with the Institute invited to discuss the outputs of the population and employments models. These crucial models are an essential component informing land use and infrastructure policy in the region.

The Institute has been invited to a briefing in its capacity as the peak property industry body in the Moreton Bay region. The branch is critical to translating what local market demands means for government policy development. We welcome council’s open dialogue on this project and are confident it will improve the quality of the final output.

The Institute’s key role at this stage will be communicating the industry’s key issues and concerns as well as expectations in relation to growth modelling in the Moreton Bay region. We will be seeking specific feedback from members on these items to present to council.

Contact Policy Executive, Robert Tily ( on (07) 3229 1589 with any feedback.