Redland City Council announces $2 million assistance package

Redland City Council has responded to our early submission outlining initiatives council could implement to ensure continuity in city planning and assessment and measures to keep the property industry active in the region.

Included in the council’s assistance package is $288,000 in grants for business and community groups experiencing hardship due to COVID-19. Council has also noted that further measures will be consider by council, including measures stated included in our Project Bounce Back: Industry Action Plan.

Council has also outlined that there are no currently resource concerns relating to assessment of development applications. Successfully transitioning to working from home, council officers can still ensure they assess applications on time, roll out pre-lodgement meetings, maintain their commitment to early plan sealing, and accommodate necessary inspections.

The Institute’s Redlands Advisory Panel will continue to work on additional initiatives.

If you have any questions, please contact Policy Executive, Robert Tily via or (07) 3229 1589.