Who our CEO met with in October.

29 September 2020, ILRG Scoping Session: Along with members of the Industry Leaders Research Group, I participated in a scoping session to guide the direction of our second round of qualitative research for 2020. This round will delve into the perceptions and preferences of purchasers from New South Wales and Victoria.

29 September 2020, koala industry workshop: The Institute facilitated a workshop with key industry members and representatives of the Department of Environment and Science and Planning Group. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the koala regulatory framework and associated mapping. The tension of ensuring the continuation the koala species and ensuring the provision of affordable communities for Queenslanders is difficult. We appreciate the willingness of our members and the State Government to work together on this important issue.

30 September 2020, Azure site tour: I toured several sites developed by Azure. The homes crafted by our members never cease to be a source of inspiration for me. It was a privilege to meet with Trent Keirnan and view the communities Azure has created.

1 October 2020, meeting with Celestino: I caught up with John Vassallo from Celestino to better understand some of the opportunities and challenges currently faced by Celestino and their outlook for 2021.

2 October 2020, meeting with Village Building Group: I met with Sam Burgess from Village Building. Sam is a significant contributor to the Institute through his role as Ipswich Branch President. I appreciated Sam taking the time to meet with me and outline what his business and the region are facing as we head into 2021.

6 October 2020, meeting with Regional and Spatial Planning team: Along with members of the policy team, I met with representatives of Treasury’s Regional and Spatial Planning Team. Charged with overseeing the Growth Monitoring Program, the Regional and Spatial Planning Team prepare the annual Land Supply and Development Monitoring Report. An important marker of the region’s performance under ShapingSEQ, we appreciate the opportunity to discuss this work with Treasury.

7 October 2020, meeting with the Federal Minister for Environment, the Hon Sussan Ley MP: Along with interstate UDIA colleagues, I had the opportunity to meet with Minister Ley to discuss the current review of the federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. This is an incredibly complex area of legislation with significant ramifications for the industry. I appreciated the opportunity to express feedback from the Queensland property development industry.

7 October 2020, meeting with PEXA: I met with Jess Caire from PEXA. As a member of the Institute and a valued partner, it was a great opportunity to meet with Jess and understand their COVID experience.

7 October 2020, meeting with Green Buildings Council Australia: Along with the National EnviroDevelopment Manager, I met with the CEO of Green Buildings Council Australia and discussed the importance of sustainability within the property development industry.

7 October 2020, meeting with QM Properties: I met with QM Properties to discuss the hurdles and opportunities they face as Queensland responds to the COVID crisis. I was incredibly grateful for the candour of QM’s staff during the meeting.

9 October 2020, meeting with Okeland: I met with Michael Khan from Okeland. 2020 has been a turbulent year for our industry and I have appreciated the willingness of our members to discuss the obstacles they currently face and the prospects on the horizon for 2021.

9 October 2020, meeting with AVJennings: I met with the senior leaders of AVJennings. They have been significant contributors to the Institute over many years. To help form the Institute’s strategy through 2021 and beyond, it was incredibly beneficial to catch-up with the team to understand how the rest of 2020 is shaping up.

9 October 2020, meeting to discuss Planning Facts: The ILRG’s research has revealed the community understanding of Queensland’s planning framework is minimal. We facilitated a meeting with Treasury’s Planning Group, the Local Government Association Queensland, the South East Queensland Council of Mayors, and the Planning Institute of Australia to form a working group that will help to address this lack of knowledge. An informed community is a great starting point for constructive community engagement, and I am really excited about working with other industry bodies as well as state and local governments on this program.

12 October 2020, meeting with Department of Transport and Main Roads: I met with Julie Mitchell, Deputy Director-General of Policy Planning and Investment. The infrastructure planned and managed by TMR is an integral part of our communities. For communities to thrive, it is imperative that interactions with industry and the department are streamlined. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet with the department and take feedback provide by our members on board.

12 October 2020, meeting with Senator Dean Smith: Along with interstate UDIA colleagues and representatives from the Property Council of Australia, I met with Senator Dean Smith to discuss the current EBPCA review.

14 October 2020, Major Developer Roundtable: Along with Institute staff, I facilitated our first annual roundtable discussion with the key members. The purpose of the session was to discuss the direction of the property development industry, and how the Institute can best support members in 2021. It was an incredibly rich session with lively discussion that will help shape the direction of the Institute into 2021.

15 October 2020, meeting with Mulpha: I met with Mathew Williams from Mulpha. With a diverse portfolio of projects across the State it was so valuable to understand Mat’s experience through the pandemic and as Queensland starts it first tentative steps towards recovery.

15 October 2020, meeting with Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Hon Ben Morton MP: Along with interstate UDIA colleagues and representatives from the Property Council of Australia, I met with the Assistant Minister to discuss the current EBPCA review.

21 October 2020, meeting with RCQ: I met with Ric Peterson from RCQ. We discussed how the economic crisis has affected RCQ and the outlook for 2020. Ric has been a part of our industry for some time and I really appreciated his insight.

21 October 2020, ILRG Supplementary Presentation: Along with the Institute’s Director of Research, we presented some additional research into community reactions to COVID and a visual showcase to the Industry Leaders Research Group.

21 October 2020, meeting with Sekisui House: I caught up with Harrison Phillips from Sekisui. Along with checking out the latest stage of West Village, I had a chance to chat to Harrison about his take on market and the outlook for 2021.