Who our CEO met with in November.

28 October 2020, meeting with Office of the Independent Assessor: As the property development industry continues to come to grips with the changing legislation guiding interactions with elected officials, along with representatives of the Property Council of Australia, I met with the Independent Assessor to discuss conflicts of interest involved in meeting with councillors.

29 October 2020, Industry Leaders Research Group Policy Committee: The purpose of the committee is to use the findings of our qualitative research to identify areas for proactive regulatory change. Following the success of research-based changes in the infrastructure charges space, the committee are eager to work with all levels of government to streamline red and green tape impeding the creation of thriving communities.

29 October 2020, meeting with Springfield City Group: I caught up with Raynuha Sinnathamby from Springfield to better understand some of the opportunities and challenges currently faced by Springfield and their outlook for 2021.

29 October 2020, presentation to the Housing Supply Expert Panel: Members in South East Queensland have long been concerned about the looming issue of land supply. We know that our population is growing and that we need more land to deliver the choice of housing, at a price our community can afford. I presented to the Housing Supply Expert Panel on this important issue and look forward to continuing on this issue with all levels of government.

30 October 2020, Mitchell Brandtman Annual Awards for Excellence: I attended our Annual Awards for Excellence. After a challenging year, I was thrilled to attend our annual Awards and celebrate what our members have achieved. Although the crowd was a little smaller than normal, it was a privilege to celebrate the way our industry thrives in adversity.

5 November 2020, ILRG Staff Presentation Webinar: Along with our Director of Research, I presented the first round of research to our ILRG community via webinar. Focusing on community perceptions of housing affordability, this round promises to be another rich source of insights that will serve as a springboard for the Institute and members of the Industry Leaders Research Group.

5 November 2020, meeting with HopgoodGanim: Longstanding supporters of the Institute, HopgoodGanim, have been a source of incredible support throughout the challenges of 2020. I have been grateful for Hopgood’s support as members of the ILRG, sponsors, as well as empowering several staff to serve the organisation in a voluntary capacity on boards and committees.

6 November 2020, inaugural Memorandum of Understanding workshop with Ipswich City Council: Following the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Institute and Ipswich City Council earlier this year, I was privileged to attend the inaugural workshop under that agreement, Along with Institute staff, and Ipswich Branch President, Sam Burgess, it was wonderful to engage in a collaborative meeting with  Ipswich City Council’s Mayor, Teresa Harding, councillors and council staff.

11 November 2020, meeting with Jason Camden, Economic Development Queensland: I meet regularly with Jason who is Acting General Manager of EDQ to discuss the ways that our industry can work with EDQ to create wonderful communities for Queenslanders.

12 November 2020, Community Planning Education Joint Working Group: The ILRG’s research has revealed the community understanding of Queensland’s planning framework is minimal. We facilitated a meeting with Treasury’s Planning Group, the Local Government Association Queensland, the South East Queensland Council of Mayors, and the Planning Institute of Australia to form a working group that will help to address this lack of knowledge. An informed community is a great starting point for constructive community engagement, and I am really excited about working with other industry bodies as well as state and local governments on this program.

12 November 2020, meeting with Kerry Doss, Deputy Director General, Planning: I meet regularly with Mr Doss to discuss the issues faced by our members across the State.

17 November 2020, presentation of ILRG Round 2 findings: Along with our Director of Research, I met with our independent researcher, Two Thirds Sky, to discuss the findings of the ILRG’s second round of research for 2020. Focusing on interstate migration, this round is full of insights that will assist the ILRG’s members in understanding the desires and obstacles faced by potential interstate migrants.

18 November 2020, 2020 ILRG Round 2 briefing: Along with other members of the Industry Leaders Research Group, I attended a presentation of the results of the second round of research for 2020. The work of the ILRG has been instrumental in providing a solid foundation for important legislative change, including increased transparency for infrastructure charges. I have no doubt that this latest body of work will also be compelling.

19 November 2020, meeting with Lendlease: I met with Lendlease’s ILRG representative, Ian Murray to discuss the direction of research in 2021. Lendlease have been members of the ILRG since its inception and I value Ian’s input into the research program immensely.

19 November 2020, Growth Monitoring Program Reference Group Meeting: Ahead of the release of the next Land Supply Monitoring Report, I participated in a GMP Reference Meeting. Land supply is a key factor to cracking the nut of housing choice and affordability in the South East Queensland region and I am privileged to represent our industry during these meetings.

19 November 2020, meeting with Mitchell Brandtman: Mitchell Brandtman have been a key support of the Institute for many years and continued that support through the uncertainty of 2020. I am incredibly grateful to Michael Ivey and the entire Mitchell Brandtmann team for their unwavering support of the Institute and our industry in 2020 and beyond.

20 November 2020, tour of member sites: I caught up with Kent Leicester from KDL Group to view his projects in Burpengary East and Pallara. It is humbling to see the communities our members create from the ground up and it is so valuable to gain on-the-ground insight into the challenges our members face in bring these homes to Queenslanders. As restrictions continue to ease, I look forward to getting out and about a bit more in 2021 for these visits!

23 November 2020, meeting with Mosaic Property Group: I met with Mosaic’s ILRG representative, Marina Vit, to discuss the direction of the ILRG in 2021. As key members of the ILRG and with lived experience across the South East region, Marina is uniquely placed to bring an informed view on the direction of the Institute’s research.

23 November 2020, Planning System Reference Group Meeting: Chaired by the Deputy Director-General of Planning, the Reference Group includes representatives from several stakeholder groups. The purpose of the Group is to act as a sounding board for potential changes to policy and process as well as providing feedback from our members.

25 November 2020, meeting with PEXA: I caught up for coffee with Jess Caire from PEXA. PEXA have been strong supporters of the Institute and it was great to better understand the challenges and opportunities PEXA have faced in 2020.

25 November 2020, meeting with Committee for Brisbane: I met with Barton Green from Committee for Brisbane to discuss opportunities for the Institute to collaborate with the Committee in 2021.

27 November 2020, meeting with Cavcorp: I met with ILRG representative Jimmy Huynh to workshop the direction of the ILRG in 2021. Joining the ILRG earlier this year, Jimmy has brought an engaged and enthusiastic voice to the Group. I look forward to continuing the research journey with Cavcorp in 2021.