New stormwater device options

The Institute has been instrumental in the introduction of a new, more sensible Stormwater Quality Device national protocol on the Gold Coast, resulting in reduced project costs and a greater variety of solutions for members.

With the national protocol, the Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Process (SQIDEP) now in place, the City of Gold Coast’s guideline on the performance evaluation of Stormwater Proprietary Devices (SPD) is being retired.

The new arrangements allow for greater use of stormwater management and quality approaches already employed elsewhere. Rigorous assessments are always required, and improved outcomes and opportunities for innovation exist.

Any new devices to be accepted by the City will now require Stormwater Australia’s endorsement based on the SQIDEP. The new approach will not automatically apply and/or override the conditions on existing development approvals (including devices already installed). For existing approvals approved under the City’s protocol on SPD’s, an applicant can lodge a minor change application to Council for consideration, provided the SPD has received certification through Stormwater Australia.
Further information on the Stormwater Australia, Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Process (SQIDEP) is available here.

Any views that you have on this can be provided to Policy Manager, Martin Zaltron via email or on (07) 3229 1589.

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