New scheme amendments in effect

Mackay Regional council recently adopted amendments to the planning scheme.

Mackay Region Planning Scheme 2017 – amendment 4 commenced November 9, 2020 with updated flood hazard mapping from the ‘Sandy Creek Catchment Flood Study’ and the ‘Rocky Dam Creek Catchment Flood Study’ into the planning scheme flood hazard overlay maps, replacing the current overlay maps.


Amendments to Planning Scheme Policies (PSPs) were also commenced with significant changes including:

PSP – Open space

  • Formatting and structural changes and strengthening referencing.

PSP – Stormwater Drainage Design

  • Referencing to specifications, drawings and other Council documents, Queensland Urban Drainage Manual (QUDM) and Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR)
  • Lawful point of discharge amended to reflect QUDM
  • Minor pipe system requirements for residential development
  • Stormwater contributions
  • Updates to Pit Design, Natural Channel Design and cross sections for open channels
  • Preparation of Severe Storm Impact Statements.

PSP – Water and sewerage (CTM Water Alliance)

  • Replaces the PSP – sewer system design and the PSP – water supply design.
  • incorporates the “CTM Water Alliance Design and Construction Code” (CTM code) for Cairns, Townsville and Mackay Councils.

PSP – Landscape

  • Updated requirements for recreational parks, streetscapes and landscape buffers
  • List of furniture and materials and plant species guidance documents.