New criteria in Netserv Plan

The draft Water Netserv Plan seeks to introduce a new “non-standard connection criteria” for development outside of the future connection area or not consistent with the planning assumptions. The new criteria could affect approved developments by refusing connection to water or sewers.

The Institute’s Infrastructure Committee and Ipswich Branch will be reviewing the draft Water Netserv Plan and BCC committee. The committees will provide QUU with feedback and insight to reflect the development industry’s expectation on sewer and water infrastructure based on the feedback and comments members have provided.

The draft Water Netserv Plan, that is now out for public consultation, outlines the scope of services that Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) provide, the standard of service outcomes, current network capacity, planning assumptions, and pricing structure.

Other key elements of this draft Water Netserv Plan include:

  • Planning assumptions
  • Connection Policy
  • Charges Schedule
  • Schedule of Works
  • Desired standards of service.

Queensland Urban Utilities currently services the water and sewer networks within the Brisbane, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim, and Somerset council areas.

The Water Netserv Plan is a critical document as it supports mechanisms that appropriately reflects current development trends within those local government areas and sufficiently plans out for the key infrastructure items for both in infill and greenfield areas. To view the draft Water Netserv Plan for yourself, please follow this link below .

At this stage, QUU have only advertised Part A of the Water Netserv Plan. Part B does not form part of this consultation.

If you have comments or views you wish to share or include in the policy submission, please contact Policy Executive Robert Tily

View the draft plan