Mosaic’s alternative approach to making enduring difference to communities

A deep-seated philanthropic aspiration, driven by a belief that one of their core responsibilities is to give back to the communities in which they develop, was behind the establishment of Mosaic Property Group’s Foundation in mid-2017.

Nearly four years’ on, the Mosaic Foundation has cultivated successful partnerships with several grass-root organisations across South East Queensland, including Australia’s leading eating disorder support network endED, and Destiny Rescue, an initiative focussed on liberating sexually exploited and enslaved children around the world, along with also supporting and working with other more established organisations and charities such as MS Qld.

Mosaic Foundation’s Co-Founder Kathryn Monahan, said at the time of its inception, the team identified a largely overlooked opportunity to support local charities beyond financial aid.

“We wanted to do something different, not just donate funds. Rather, providing commercial assistance to much smaller, community-based organisations so they could flourish and achieve longevity became our core mandate.”

Ms Monahan said that in addition to monetary aid, Mosaic Foundation offers guidance and business coaching to charity Founders, helping to establish successful, sustainable operations.

“We want these very worthy causes to continue to make tangible differences to those disadvantaged through no fault of their own. Passion and commitment to starting a cause are critical. Still, the business skills and encouragement to get things up and running, and keep it going is equally vital.”

“It is too easy to assume that the best way to help a charity is by giving money. Often, they need support, direction, and a person at the end of the phone to talk to, which is where we try to assist.”

One of many notable moments for the Mosaic Foundation of recent times was the opening of Australia’s first-ever live-in eating disorder clinic, Butterfly House based on the Sunshine Coast, which was created and brought to life by Mark and Gay Forbes (EndED Founders). 

“We have been involved with EndED since very early on and have become great friends with its truly inspiring Founders. We are humbled and proud to have been on the journey with them, supporting project fundraising, overcoming major challenges, observing construction, and being there at the opening.” 

EndED are now embarking on another major project, delivering a respite house for clients once they transition out of the residential facility.

Looking ahead, Ms Monahan noted the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID over the last 12 months continue to be felt by many in the charity sector.

“Our primary aim is to keep working with our established partners so they can continue to grow and thrive, in what is a very challenging time for many sectors.” 

“Beyond that, who knows. We frequently get requests from organisations looking for help and assistance, and there may well be more partners for 2021 and beyond. However, right now, we are focused on keeping up our patronage and coaching wherever needed with the resources we have available.” 

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