Moreton Bay’s actual growth exceeded forecast says Institute

The Institute recently met with representatives of the Moreton Bay Regional Council and discussed growth forecasts.

It is the Institute’s view that population projections for the region included in the ShapingSEQ regional plan were lower than the growth that is occurring. ShapingSEQ forecast that 88,300 additional dwellings would be required between 2016 and 2041. However it is likely that significantly more than that will be needed. Also, council’s planning had provided for substantial infill attached dwelling increases but less so for detached dwellings.

The Institute notes that in the last five years despite restraints on approvals, home building approvals had averaged 4,424 per year, 25 percent above the 3,532 benchmark. Detached home approvals represent around 75 percent of approvals in the area. We also note land division and plan sealing approvals have been declining in recent years likely as a consequence restricted land supply in zoned and serviced areas.

Institute representatives indicated that zoned land supply needs to be accommodative of growth for the range of housing needs of the community rather than being specific number or type oriented. Also, particularly that a path needs to be provided for development applications that being submitted to meet the substantial demand rather than delayed until council planning is updated. Council reasonably is concerned these applications could run counter to structure planning opportunities in growth areas. The Institute acknowledges council’s significant efforts this year to address the situation.

Despite an increasing land supply crisis in the area with potential threat to affordability, employment and economic growth for the region, council’s planning processes will take some time.

Solutions regarding land supply and managing growth will be discussed at our SEQ Growth Forum, a half-day event in February 2021. Bookings can be made here.

If you have a view on practical ways development applications should be progressed or any other matter you are welcome to contact Policy Manager, Martin Zaltron, at via email or on (07) 3229 1589.

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