March CEO’s diary

3 March 2020, appearance at the Transport and Public Works Committee hearing for the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2020: Along with the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association, we appeared at a committee hearing into the Building Industry Fairness Bill. The proposed Bill seeks to extend the ambit of the current legislation into the private sector and has the potential to impose serious obligations and cost imposts on our members.

4 March 2020, meeting with member: I met with presentative of member organisation, Ingenia. Along with other members of the Institute’s staff, we heard direct from them about the challenges and opportunities facing their business and the wider seniors living sector.

4 March 2020, meeting with Department of State Development, Manufacturing Infrastructure and Planning: I met with Kerry Doss, Deputy-Director, Planning and outlined a proposal to create a platform for educating the wider community about Queensland’s planning regime. Our qualitative research has shown that when the community is informed about planning that conversations about development are more fruitful; setting our members up to start the conversation right.

5 March 2020, meeting with consultant member: I met with a consultant member to better understand some of the challenges being faced by members within South East Queensland.

5 March 2020, meeting with Economic Development Queensland: I meet regularly with Jason Camden, Acting General Manager of Economic Development Queensland to discuss the ways that our industry can work with EDQ to create wonderful communities for Queenslanders.

6 March 2020, tour of member sites: Along with members of the Institute’s staff, I regularly tour member projects. It is energising for our team to see the result of years of hard work and dedication poured into these projects by our members and I was inspired by the projects we visited.

9 March 2020, Future South Bank – Industry Roundtable: I participated in an Industry Roundtable to provide input into the future of South Bank. A jewel in Brisbane’s crown since the ’88 World Expo, South Bank has continued to grow as both a tourist destination and parkland of choice for Brisbane residents. I was excited to participate in this important conversation on behalf of our members.

9 March 2020, meeting with member: I met with a member based in Ipswich to get the word on some of the challenges being faced by our members in that important growth corridor.

10 March 2020, meeting with Richard Ferrett (Brisbane City Council): I met with Mr Ferrett, of the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Office. I meet regularly with him to discuss how we can work together with council to create a better Brisbane.

11 March 2020, meeting with Kerry Doss of the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning: I meet regularly with Mr Doss to discuss the issues faced by our members across the State.

12 March 2020, special meeting with the Institute’s Executive Committee: a special meeting of the Board’s Executive Committee was called to discuss the organisation’s response to COVID-19. We take the health and welfare of our staff and members very seriously. We have a policy and plan in force that will respond to the changing landscape as we manage this issue together.

12 March 2020, meeting with member: I spoke with a member working with the Moreton Bay Regional Council region to better understand some of the challenges our members are facing when developing there.

24 March 2020, meeting with Greg Chemello, Moreton Bay Regional Council: With the Institute’s Director of Policy Strategy and Regional Services as well as representatives from the local branch, I met with new CEO, Greg Chemello. A couple of months after getting his feet under the desk, it was a great opportunity to re-connect with Greg, after working closely in his previous role as Interim Administrator at Ipswich City Council as well as General Manager of Economic Development Queensland. I look forward to continuing to work with Greg in his new role.