Who our CEO met with in March.

1 March 2021, meeting with Planning team: I met with the team lading the State’s Growth Monitoring Program. Land supply is a key factor to cracking the nut of housing choice and affordability in the South East Queensland region and I am grateful for the way the State is engaging with industry on these matters.

5 March 2021, meeting with Environment Minister’s staff: Along with the Institute’s Director of Policy, I met with Nick Heath and Danielle Shankey from the Minister for Environment’s office to discuss a range of matters affecting our members. The complexities of balancing the protection of the beautiful natural environment we enjoy in Queensland whilst ensuring housing supply is maintained is difficult and we appreciate the opportunity to engage with the Minister’s office on these matters.

5 March 2021, meeting with member: I caught up with Rebecca Oelkers from BHC. BHC have been longstanding members of the Institute and provide an important service to the community, whilst leaving a lasting legacy of affordable, well designed places for people to call home.

8 March 2021, session with Stockland: I participated in an internal session with Stockland’s staff, providing an overview of the Institute’s research findings. Stockland has made a significant contribution to the industry over many years and I valued the opportunity to present to their team.

8 March 2021, meeting with member: along with our Director of Member Services, I caught up with Leanne Weekes and Tammy Berghofer from Minter Ellison. Both Tammy and Leanne have been valued contributors to the Institute and we look forward to more opportunities to work with Minter Ellison in the future.

9 March 2021, meeting with UDIA National Board: I attended a board meeting with the UDIA National Council to ensure Queensland’s voice is heard at a national level.

10 March 2021, meeting with Economic Development Queensland: I meet regularly with Jason Camden who is Acting General Manager to discuss the ways that our industry can work with EDQ to create wonderful communities for Queenslanders.

11 March 2021, meeting with Fiona Simpson: Along with our State President, Warwick Bible and Institute staff, I met with Fiona Simpson, the Shadow Minister for Integrity in Government and Shadow Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning. The Institute meets regularly with the Opposition to discuss the challenges and opportunities encountered by our members across Queensland.

12 March 2021, meeting with member: I met with Marina Vit, Chief Operating Officer of Mosaic Property Group. Mosaic have been staunch supporters of the Institute for some time and members of the Industry Leaders Research Group since 2016 and it is always incredibly valuable to glean from Mosaic’s on-the-ground experience.

12 March 2021, meeting with Kerry Doss, Deputy Director General, Planning: I meet regularly with Mr Doss to discuss the issues faced by our members across the State.

17 March 2021, meeting with Tanya Martin: I met with Tanya Martin, from Lendlease. It is always valuable to understand the lay of the land direct from members and I really appreciate the chance to learn from Tanya’s on the ground experience.

17 March 2021, meeting with Brett Schimming: I caught up with Board member and CEO of CSQ, Brett Schimming. Brett and CSQ have been longstanding partners of our Research Foundation since its inception. I am incredibly grateful for Brett’s support and his steady guidance on the Institute’s Board.

19 March 2021, session with Springfield City Group: I participated in a session with Springfield’s staff and provided an overview of the experience of HomeBuilder within South East Queensland and flow on impacts for the industry this year. Springfield have been a vital part of the industry within South East Queensland and I was honoured to participate in the session.

22 March 2021, presentation to the South East Queensland Council of Mayors: With our Director of Research and Engagement, I co-presented an overview of the Institute’s research into community perceptions of performance-based planning. Performance based planning is an important precept of Queensland’s regulatory landscape but is often misunderstood by the community.

23 March 20021, meeting with QShelter: The Institute caught up with Fiona Caniglia of QShelter. QShelter has been working to improve housing outcomes for vulnerable Queenslanders for over thirty years. As housing affordability continues to grow out of reach for many, the Institute looks forward to collaborating with QShelter on this complex issue.

24 March 2021, Koala Advisory Council Meeting: I attended a Koala Advisory Council meeting. The Advisory Council was formed to provide advice on the development and implementation of a new koala conservation strategy in Queensland.

26 March 2021, meeting with member: along with our Director of Member Services, I met with Andrew Staehr and Nicky Lonergan from Archers – the Strata Professionals. Archers have been supporters of the Institute, particularly within the Sunshine Coast Branch, and I valued the chance to understand some of the issues facing the strata industry at this time.