MACKAY: Changes to charges and tradeable rights as well as industrial land update

Infrastructure Charges

Amended Infrastructure Charges are now in place. Charges rates have generally been increased in accordance with the Planning Regulation 2017. A reduced rate applies for service industry development. The arrangement retains reductions for smaller lots, no service access and existing use.

Previous credits and any refund however will be adjusted by CPI (Consumer Price Index – Brisbane), adjusted to the 3 yearly CPI moving average quarterly percent change for the relevant period.

The charge for a 3 bedroom home has risen from $29,339.55 to $30,226.70, and 1-2 bedroom homes is up from $20,956.80 to 21,590.50. Further information is available here.


Good response to Tradeable Development Rights

The Mackay Regional Council have given serious consideration to the branch submission and made changes to the proposed Tradeable Development Rights Policy (TDR).

The branch made a submission on behalf of members on the proposed TDR. The policy permits relocation of existing titles from broadscale agricultural land to in or adjacent rural residential development. The branch sought that the changes retained flexibility to cater for differing circumstances and the performance basis of the planning scheme. Specifically, the need to identify alternative acceptable outcomes are and which performance outcomes they address was acknowledged. It should be noted that the policy does not replace the development assessment process under the Planning Act 2016 against the planning scheme. Further clarity around linking the eligibility criteria of the policy to the relevant performance Rural zone, Agricultural land overlay, and Reconfiguring a lot Codes was also provided. Finally, it was also acknowledged that access by a gravel standard rural road may be the relevant road standard for rural lifestyle lots.


Industrial land supply

The Mackay branch wrote to council regarding the recent Mackay Industrial Land Supply: An independent report on industrial land requirements in the Mackay Regional Council Area to 2040. Concern was raised regarding likely underestimation of the availability of industrial land. The branch was concerned that Mackay may lose its marketability, competitive and investment edge compared to neighbouring local governments if ample supplies of land are not available for large footprint uses.

The branch sought further consideration of the practical market availability of industrial land in areas like Paget, where large portions of industrial land have been purchased by the current owner for their own purposes in the future. The branch highlighted also the long lead times for industrial land delivery noting that full utilisation of industrial areas cannot be relied on.

While the branch supports council’s investigation of land supply issues sought discussions with the industry and further examination of the issue. The Institute’s letter is available here.

Any views or comments for inclusion in Institute submissions can be provided to Policy Manager, Martin Zaltron, via email or on (07) 3229 1589.

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