Last quarter – how did council do?

With the pandemic a serious factor for development activity since March, how did Ipswich statistics fare in the quarter to June 30?

All in all, development related activity was maintained with some reduction in new applications compensated by additional determinations.

A total of 239 development applications lodged versus the 257 in the previous quarter.  Determinations of applications however, increased from 217 to 267.

14 land division applications were determined by council, up from 8 in the March quarter and 36 Material Change of Use applications were determined up from 23.

44 operation works applications were lodged down from 57 in the previous Quarter. Plumbing applications lodged and determined increased from 523 and 518 in the March quarter to 616 lodged and 619 determined in the latest quarter.

Significant declines in infringement notices, customer service requests, temporary permits were noted in the latest quarter.

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