Keeping out of harm’s way

The introduction of the Queensland Government’s Prohibited Donor Scheme, sometimes called Belcarra, brought in many new restrictions on how members of the development industry could participate in democracy.

Prohibiting developers from donating to political campaigns is the most well-known of these.

However, there are many other complexities around attending fundraising events and a range of other activities that could be seen to influence people’s voting intentions.

All members of the development industry should ensure they are up to speed with these laws.

The best place to find the latest info is on the Queensland Electoral Commission website

The website has fact sheets, tips, and tools such as an online test you can use to find out if you are considered a developer under this legislation.

The Institute strongly encourages members to go to the website, review the relevant information, and ensure you understand the new rulesIf you are unsure about anything at all, call the Commission on 1300 881 665 or email them at

The Institute has put many questions to the team at the Commission and we have been impressed by their quick, plain English answers. So, we highly recommend contacting them if you have any queries whatsoever.