Who our CEO met with in June.

2 June 2020, meeting with Department of Housing and Public Works. Along with Chelsea van Riet, Director of Research and Marketing, I met with Bradley McCoy and Damien Lyons from the Department of Housing and Public Works to discuss the work of the Industry Leaders Research Group. The department have been members of the ILRG for several years and I look forward to continuing to partner with them in the important qualitative research produced by the Foundation.

3 June 2020, P & E Court Update webinar. I hosted the Institute’s webinar, featuring His Honour, Judge Michael Williamson, Barrister Mitchel Batty, and Ethos Director of Planning, Jennifer Morrissy. The session was an informative glimpse into the other side of our State’s planning framework and provided attendees with practical advice.

3 June 2020, interview with Courier Mail. I had an opportunity to discuss the Institute’s reaction to the Federal Government’s HomeBuilder grant program with the Courier Mail. Although the grant was good first step, and shows encouraging signs of stimulus for the industry, there is more work to be done to ensure we are positioned to truly bounce back as the health crisis eases.

3 June 2020, participating in Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBCA) review roundtable. I was privileged to represent UDIA National at a roundtable workshop. Hosted by Professor Graeme Samuel AC, the purpose of the discussion was to explore key issues and future reform. The regulatory framework is complex and requires a delicate balance. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the discussion on behalf of Queensland to ensure this balance is maintained and the mandates of the legislation are met.

4 June 2020, Infrastructure Industry Steering Committee (IISC) Sub-Group – Green and Red Tape Reduction. Formed out of the IISC, the sub-group’s purpose is to workshop unnecessary legislative and regulatory impediments that block infrastructure delivery. I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback from members to inform this sub-group.

4 June 2020, Branch President meeting. More than ever, Queensland’s regions are the powerhouse of the State’s economic recovery. I had the opportunity to receive an update from our regional Branch Presidents, providing on the ground feedback of what it is like to deliver developments in the eye of the COVID storm. This feedback forms the basis of my discussions with all levels of government and I am so grateful to our volunteer Branch Presidents for continuing to put in the hard yards at this time.

8 June 2020, Brisbane City Council Economic Recovery Taskforce. I was selected to participate in the Economic Recovery Taskforce on behalf of members. It was heartening to council recognise the impact of our industry on the economic prosperity of Brisbane and I look forward to working with them as we position ourselves to hit the ground running as restrictions ease.

10 June 2020, meeting with Richard Ferrett, Brisbane City Council. I met with Mr Ferrett, of the Lord Mayor’s Office. I meet regularly with him to discuss how we can work with council to create a better Brisbane.

11 June 2020, meeting with Steven Persson, Homes for Homes. Formed from the Big Issue, Homes for Homes seeks to act as a conduit between property, legal, finance sectors; and the government and community to provide safe and secure accommodation for Australia’s homeless population. Meeting with Steven reiterated the importance of the communities our members create and the need to tackle housing affordability, together.

16 June 2020, Planning System Reference Group meeting. Chaired by the Deputy Director-General of Planning, the Reference Group includes representatives from several stakeholder groups. The purpose of the Group is to act as a sounding board for potential changes to policy and process as well as providing feedback from our members.

17 June 2020, Koala Advisory Council meeting. I attended a Koala Advisory Council meeting. The Advisory Council was formed to provide advice on the development and implementation of a new koala conservation strategy in Queensland. I also attended a media conference later in the morning with the Brisbane City Council Mayor regarding their budget. This followed after our Director of Policy Anna Cox participated in the budget lock-up.

23 June 2020, Operation Bounce Back Part 2 webinar. I hosted the Institute’s webinar, featuring Dean Parker (YSH), Guy Gibson (Lendlease) and Michael Loney (Ausbuild). The COVID crisis has impacted our industry in so many ways and it was inspiring to see three leaders of three very different businesses, speak openly and honestly about their triumphs, challenges, and on perspectives on a way forward.

25 June 2020, Infrastructure Industry Steering Committee. Recently repurposed with a focus on the infrastructure component of Queensland’s economic recovery, the Infrastructure Industry Steering Committee has commenced meeting regularly. The committee is chaired by the Coordinator-General and includes other leading figures across the infrastructure and property sectors alongside senior government agency representatives.