January’s CEO diary

29 November 2019, meeting with Mirvac: I met with Warwick Bible from Mirvac to discuss the program of qualitative research we are forming for the ILRG.

2 December 2019, meeting with Urbis: I met with representatives of Urbis to discuss potential research products for the Institute. We are proud of our relationship with Research Partners such as Urbis and know that our members value the knowledge our research provides.

2 December 2019, meeting with 28South: In preparation for a workshop with the Federal Government, I met with Wayne Moffitt and Mitch Taylor from 28South to better understand Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act offset calculators.

3 December 2019, meeting with Mosaic Property Group: I met with Marina Vit and Brooke Monahan to help form the direction of the Industry Leaders Research Group for the coming year.

3 December 2019, attended the Planning System Reference Group: Chaired by the Deputy Director-General of Planning, the Reference Group includes representatives from several stakeholder groups. The purpose of the group is to act as a sounding board for potential changes to policy and process as well as providing feedback from our members.

4 December 2019, meeting with Turrisi Properties: I met with Samantha Turrisi to further refine the planned body of work for the ILRG in the new year.

5 December 2019, Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act offsets calculator workshop: Alongside UDIA National’s Executive Director, Connie Kirk, I travelled to Canberra to participate in a workshop coordinated by the Federal Government. The convoluted and complex nature of the system of offsets at a federal, state, and local government level is the source of frustration for our members. We are very grateful for the opportunity to participate in any reviews of the offset system.

10 December 2019, meeting with Richard Ferrett: I met with Mr Ferrett, of the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Office. I meet regularly with him to discuss how we can work together with council to create a better Brisbane.

11 December 2019, Industry Advisory Group Committee meeting: I chaired the second meeting of the Industry Advisory Group. Formed as part of our Policy Committees, the group exists to provide a forum to foster intergovernmental communication and collaboration on issues that impact the development industry. Members include representatives from several state departments, local councils, and utilities.

12 December 2019, meeting with Aria Property Group: I met with representatives of Aria Property Group to discuss the work of the Research Foundation, including the qualitative research powered by the Industry Leaders Research Group.

13 December 2019, meeting with Azure and Boulder Capital: I met with representatives of Boulder Capital and Azure to discuss industry issues relevant to delivering high quality infill development in South East Queensland.

16 December 2019, meeting with Construction Skills Queensland: I met with Rob Sobyra, Director 0f Evidence, Data & Innovation. Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) has supported our Research Foundation since it was established in 2015 and the breadth of knowledge CSQ provides to our research program is invaluable. I look forward to continuing to work with CSQ in 2020 and beyond.

17 December 2019, meeting with the Office of Hon Leeanne Enoch MP: I met with Angus Sutherland from Minister Enoch’s office and Jamie Merrick the Director General of the Department of Environment and Science to discuss the draft Koala Conservation Strategy and associated draft mapping. The matter of koala conservation is incredibly important for all Queenslanders and I valued the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Minister to discuss the industry’s concerns with the proposed strategy and mapping.

18 December 2019, meeting with Cr Matthew Bourke: I meet regularly with Councillor Bourke to discuss Brisbane City Council planning matters.

19 December 2019, meeting with Dyan Currie: I meet regularly with Dyan Currie from Brisbane City Council to discuss planning matters. We also discussed the program of research for the Industry Leaders Research Group.

14 January 2020, Draft South East Queensland Koala Conservation Strategy Stakeholder Forum: I attended a stakeholder forum held by the State Government provide feedback from the industry on the proposed Koala Conservation Strategy.

15 January 2020, meeting with Urban Utilities: I met with Ian Hall, Executive Leader of the Commercial Customer Group to discuss a Memorandum of Understanding with Urban Utilities. I have appreciated their willingness to engage with the Institute on a range of issues.

16 January 2020, meeting with City of Gold Coast: I met with Alisha Swain, Director Economy, Planning and Environment at the City of Gold Coast. We discussed the direction of research for the ILRG in 2020.

20 January 2020, meeting with Peter Tabulo: Along with Ipswich Branch President, Sam Burgess, I met with the new Manager of Planning at Ipswich City Council. In addition to being members of the Industry Leaders Research Group, the Institute has enjoyed a longstanding, collaborative relationship with council. I look forward to working with Peter in navigating the challenges and opportunities of 2020.

21 January 2020, meeting with Hon. Mark Bailey MP: I met with the Hon. Mark Bailey MP, Minister for Transport and Main Roads, to discuss road and transport infrastructure; customer service, and integrated public transport infrastructure. The nexus with the department can be a sticking point for members and I appreciated the Minister’s willingness to discuss those experiences.

23 January 2020, meeting with Springfield City Group: I met with Raynuha Sinnathamby and Russell Luhrs of Springfield City Group. Springfield has been an integral part of South East Queensland’s development story; as recognised by the recent accolade at the 2019 Awards for Excellence crowning Springfield the best development of the last 25 years. I appreciated the opportunity to understand the current challenges and opportunities faced by Springfield.