Ipswich scooting into the future

Ipswich City Council is investigating the use of ‘ride-ables’ such as electric scooters as a mode of transport to create more options for short trips to help connect the community to public transport and nearby local areas.

This has been identified in council’s iGO Transport Systems Strategy which has set out their longer-term agenda to advance Ipswich’s transport system. iGO outlines council’s intelligent transport strategy for Ipswich over the next decade or so to assist in meeting the sustainability outcomes of iGO from an environmental, social, economic and financial perspective.

The Institute is supportive of council’s proactive approach to bridge the gap in fulfilling short trips and catering for the first or final journey in commuting. We have seen E-Scooters successfully trialled and implemented in the Brisbane and

Townsville local government areas and has been attractive asset to those regions.

Council is now seeking the community’s opinion and thoughts on this potential new form of transport in Ipswich through their survey.