Interim response on car parking

Brisbane City Council has responded to the Institute’s submission on the proposed increased on-site car parking requirements for apartments and townhouses. The Institute submission raised serious concerns for the delivery of low-medium density residential development and effects to housing affordability.

Council has indicated it is still currently reviewing all of the submissions made during the public consultation period in August and that they will carefully consider the points raised in the Institute’s submission.

Our submission raised significant items and included a number of examples to illustrate the true cost the proposed increased to the car parking rates for multiple dwellings (Amendment Package J).

Some of the examples indicated that costs would dramatically increase and would approximately be up to $4.9 million. Cost additions included additional basement levels, additional sleeve parking levels, and reductions in yield.

The amendments also remove the reduced car parking provisions for development within 400 metres walking distance of a major public transport interchange.

The Institute will continue to advocate on this and its immediate and direct impact on housing affordability.

Any questions regarding this submission, please contact Policy Executive, Robert Tily on (07) 3229 1589.