Institute fights soaring Energex connection costs

As of 1 July Energex has increased the connection costs for developer applications by very substantial amounts. The Institute sought a 12-month transition period for these increases, however this was rejected by the energy provider.

Based on information provided by Energy Queensland, we expect some members to be significantly impacted by the changes. For example in a case study of a South East Queensland high rise connection, moving from the 2015-2020 “small connection” category to the “2020-2025 Real Estate Development” category would see total connection charges go from $9,349 to $296,032.

We have now written to the State Energy Minister to resolve the matter given the very poor timing of the introduction of these new costs during an economic recession.

We will provide a further update on the Minister’s response. The connection cost changes are driven by Commonwealth Government policy requiring cost recovery for infrastructure development.

If you have any feedback, please contact Policy Manager, Martin Zaltron via email or on (07) 3229 1589.

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