Andergrove flood study underway

Mackay Regional Council is currently undertaking a flood study over Andergrove and Beaconsfield.

The study will be based on the guidance outlined in the Mackay Guideline for Flood and Stormwater Reports.

The study has used a detailed survey of the existing stormwater network and LiDAR (2015) as the ground surface. The recorded flood levels from the February 2008 flood will be used in the development of the hydraulic model. A range of events from the 39% AEP (1 in 2) to the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) will be assessed along with mitigation options.

The Institute’s Mackay Branch Committee has been invited for targeted consultation. The draft study is anticipated for delivery in August. Details of consultation will be provided once council are in position to release these details.

If you have any questions relating to the council’s amendments, please contact us the branch.

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