How Taylor Booysen got into the industry

How a missed lecture, a few beers and an introduction to the UDIA culminated in my entry into the property development industry…

Written by Taylor Booysen, Business Unit Manager – Development & Project Delivery, Mosaic Property Group.

It was early 2010 and the property industry was still well and truly in the ‘post GFC slump’ when I found myself wondering how on earth I was going to stand out from the sea of graduates when I finished my studies.

After arriving on campus one afternoon to attend a lecture, I found myself sitting alone in the theatre questioning where my fellow classmates were. Unbeknownst to me, the lecture room had been changed at short notice earlier that afternoon. At a loss as to where the lecture had been relocated, I decided to do what every student does best and head to the university bar! It was there that I struck up a conversation with a classmate from my course who mentioned he was part of a mentoring program run by the UDIA. This was my first introduction to the UDIA, but I wanted to know more.

After submitting a formal application and meeting with a UDIA representative, I was fortunate enough to be the final student accepted into the program for that year. I was quickly paired up with the CEO of a Gold Coast based social housing provider, with whom I met with frequently for mentoring sessions. This relationship ultimately led to a full-time job placement upon finalising my studies. Finally, I was in!

Fast-forward 9 years and I am now leading the development team at Mosaic Property Group where I’m responsible for overseeing an average of 15 projects a year, with the help of my fantastic team. I am always cognisant however that my entry into the field was in large part thanks to the UDIA. It is for this reason that I have always made an effort to remain involved with the Institute as much as possible, and the benefits of doing so have continued to flow.

Throughout my career, being a UDIA member has provided unparalleled access to like-mind professionals who are passionate about our great industry and are willing to share ideas, discuss concepts and solve problems.

Whether it be attending one of their networking events or professional development courses, hearing about the latest innovations at an industry presentation, competing in their annual Awards for Excellence or becoming an active member of a research group or regional panel, I believe that the UDIA truly offers benefits to everyone in our industry, at every stage throughout their career.

As with most things in life, the rewards you reap are equal to the effort you invest, and these benefits are available for those who actively choose to grab them with both hands and take advantage of the opportunities that consequently arise from them.

As my career has progressed, I have come to realise it is now more critical than ever for both individuals and companies in our industry to align themselves with partners who can provide support for the journey. If there is one organisation who stands out above the rest and, in turn, helps you to stand out in the industry (or that sea of graduates!), it is the UDIA. This is why I am proud to call myself a member.