How’s your pre-lodgement experience?

Pre-lodgement services are an essential component and key stage in the development cycle. It presents the opportunity to identify early any warning signs and flesh out issues with projects. For local governments, it is a valuable resource to inform applicants on the key issues upfront, present design ideas, and potentially reduce assessment input in development applications.

City of Gold Coast are seeking your feedback on how the process can be improved to ensure the services add value to the development assessment process.

In late 2018, the Institute wrote to City of Gold Coast identifying the pre-lodgement process as an area requiring improvement. Since then, council has implemented changes to enhance the applicant’s experiences in the pre-lodgement process.

We commend council in seeking continual improvement on the pre-lodgement services. 

Some of the following questions may help members to consider what feedback could be provided:

  • Do you believe the pre-lodgement meeting service is helpful to your development project/ application?
  • How do you rate the advice provided by the City Officers?
  • How satisfied are you with the organisation of pre-lodgement meetings?
  • How well are the pre-lodgement meetings run by Officers?
  • How do you find the quality of the meeting minutes?
  • Is the advice provided at the pre-lodgement meeting consistent with the advice provided during the assessment stage?

While the above questions can be used as a guide, we are very keen to hear your feedback on your recent pre-lodgement experience.

Please provide your examples and comments to Policy Executive, Robert Tily via email or on (07) 3229 1589 for a branch wide submission.