Homebuilder: UDIA Queensland still pushing for timing extensions while national office calls for another round

The HomeBuilder grant has generated a very substantial increase in activity in housing estates across Queensland.

There have been many challenges getting the COVID-19 scheme going, however there is little doubt of its efficacy in keeping industry jobs safe and providing a much-needed boost to potential buyers. Key challenges of HomeBuilder have included understanding the eligibility, securing financing for home buyers, and completing the necessary steps to meet the requirements of the programme within the tight timeframes.

The Institute has made many efforts to expand the scheme to cover apartment and townhouse projects and extend the timeframe for HomeBuilder applications into 2021. To keep hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders’ jobs safe, it is critical at this time that we make further efforts to expand this scheme. An extension to timeframes would also allow financiers to deal with the quantum of applications to meet the substantial demand at present.

We will continue to advocate for a time and eligibility extension.

We are also aware of delays in local government processing of plan sealing applications. The lead up to Christmas is a critical time for HomeBuilder applications and based on feedback from members, we expect this to be a very busy time for Councils. It is important that councils prepare for a pre-Christmas rush and ensure that adequate resourcing is in place.

New data is available on the HomeBuilder applications made in Queensland and Australia. As 23 October, 2,904 applications were made for new build homes and a further 610 applications for renovations. Total Australian applications so far represents around half the budget allowed for by the Commonwealth.

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