Gold Coast pre-lodgement feedback

The Gold Coast Logan Branch has provided feedback to City of Gold Coast on their pre-lodgement services.

Members within the branch utilise this service as standard practice in order to seek council’s interest or support for a project. Other times to report on a project or prior to lodgement to ensure the application complies with council’s assessment benchmark.

Members raised some items around the quality of pre-lodgement process and minutes as well as some measures to improve on council’s existing mechanisms. These include:

  • Record outcomes of the meeting that notes agreed and disagreed between applicant and council
  • Record of outcomes that may require further investigation and additional engagement
  • Be circulated for acceptance by the other party before being adopted as a true record of meeting
  • Be produced with 48 hours of the meeting concluding.

Our members also highlighted some improvements in order to access council’s technical officers prior to lodging a formal application and undertaking a pre-lodgement meeting. The intention would be to improve and streamline the formal timeframes once the application is lodged and better understand the technical matters, including council’s perspective on the matter.

If you have questions, relating to the submission, please contact the branch directly via