Get smart: Council responds to our SealSMART concerns

Members are urged to take care getting ready for the plan sealing process with extra scrutiny being applied since a change to council processes.

Key points

  • BFPs gone from SealSMART process
  • Plan sealing timeframe now up to 20 business days
  • Council requesting pre-BFP compliance checking through SCMT.

The Institute wrote to council when it came to our attention that Pre-Building Format Plan (BFP) had been removed from SealSMART without consultation. These changes caused delays for a number of residential projects.

Removing BFPs from SealSMART means residential projects that are required to be titled, now undergo the normal plan sealing process of up to 20 business days. While not reinstating BFPs in SealSMART at this time the outlined process below can hasten progress through the process.

We wrote to council raising our immediate concern on the change and its implications.

Brisbane City Council urges the property industry to use the checking process to ensure non-compliances are addressed earlier in the process. The Suburban Construction Management Taskforce (SCMT) will lead this process to achieve a more smooth plan sealing process once formally lodged.

Brisbane City Council has also outlined that plan sealing pre-lodgements and participation in the Development Assurance Program can also assist the industry in obtain smooth plan sealing approvals.

The Institute’s Brisbane Advisory Panel Policy Committee will continue to work with council and provide feedback. Members are strongly encouraged to get in contact with council’s Development Assurance and Outcome team for questions on 3403 8888.