Fraser Coast’s future looking bright

A recent forum crystalised the future of the region and how Fraser Coast is likely to grow.

The Institute attended a council demographic trends forum for the region. The project, being undertaken by KPMG, will analyse the trends likely to influence land use planning, infrastructure planning, and economic development strategies for the region.

The branch is providing critical input to the to the project assisting with identifying key issues that forecast a very positive future for the region.

At the forum attention we drew attention to several key Fraser Coast competitive advances including the region’s quality health facilities, high value amenity, increasing infill activity, attraction for interstate and downsizers, several new projects such as the Library and Cultural Centre, and the establishment of new industries such as the Maryborough Forge Facility and Astro Aero. Despite these strengths, local home prices are 41% below Sunshine Coast prices.

The Institute also recommended that development on the coast, in Maryborough, and the hinterland be differentiated.

We will continue to monitor and engage in the project going forward to ensure the needs of the development industry are recognised and accommodated in the project outcomes.