February CEO’s diary

29 January 2020, meeting with Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning: I met with representatives from the Department to discuss the latest Land Supply and Development Monitoring Report as well as the intended direction of the Growth Monitoring Program in 2020. As important facets of ensuring industry, together with government, can meet the dwelling targets laid out in ShapingSEQ, I appreciate the department’s willingness to engage on these important programs.

30 January 2020, phone conference with UDIA National: We discussed UDIA National’s submission to the Federal Government on the review of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. This is important legislation with the potential to have significant ramifications for the property industry nationally as well as in Queensland.

3 February 2020, Industry Leaders Research Group (ILRG) scoping session: Along with independent researcher Paul Kennedy of Two Thirds Sky, I met with members of the ILRG to commence scoping the first round of research for 2020. Focusing on housing affordability, this research is already shaping up to be one of our most ground-breaking rounds yet.

4 February 2020, meeting with Andrew Powell MP, Shadow Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning: I meet regularly with Mr Powell to discuss the challenges and opportunities encountered by our members across Queensland.

5 February 2020, meeting with Richard Ferrett: I met with Mr Ferrett, of the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Office. I meet regularly with him to discuss how we can work together with council to create a better Brisbane.

7 February 2020, Industry Advisory Group Meeting: I chaired the third meeting of the Industry Advisory Group. As one of the Institute’s policy committees, its purpose is to advance intergovernmental communication and collaboration on issues that impact the development industry. Members include representatives from several state departments, local councils, and utility providers.

11 February 2020, meeting with EnviroDevelopment Board Member: Along with the National Manager of EnviroDevelopment, Taylor Hood, I met with the Board Member Tammy Berghofer from Minter Ellisons. We discussed the direction of EnviroDevelopment for 2020 as well as policy developments within seniors living and aged care. It is so valuable for me to get direct feedback from our members on the ground who, just like Tammy, are specialists in their field.

14 February 2020, meeting with Warwick Bible from Mirvac: I met with Institute Board Member and Vice President Warwick Bible. We discussed some of the challenges being faced by the property industry as we move through the first quarter of 2020.

14 February 2020, meeting with Lachlan Grantley: I met with Institute Board Member and chair of the Brisbane City Council Advisory Panel, Lachlan Grantley. We discussed the current landscape and unique challenges of developing within council.

18 February 2020, tour of member sites: Along with members of the Institute’s staff, I regularly tour member projects. It is energising for our team to see the end result of the years of hard work and dedication poured into these projects by our members and I was inspired by the projects we visited.