Expanding our digital footprint

The dawn of 2020 signals a change of pace for the Institute as we sharpen our focus on connecting members with information online, where and when they need it. The first major cab off the rank is our new website.

Key points: 

  • Institute launches new website 
  • Research now at your fingertips. 

Launched in January the site makes it easier than ever to find all the information you need to help your business. Designed with your experience top-of-mind, it delivers a simple navigation to get to the content you’re seeking quickly.

It’s now faster to find the events and courses you want to go to. It’s also easier to connect with other members through the member directory. You can  also browse news by branch and catch-up on what submissions have been made locally on key industry issues.

Importantly, our research is at your fingertips. It’s just a hop, skip, and a click to see your region’s Market Report and read the latest insights. Whether you’re at your desk or on your mobile, the new site is all about helping you realise the benefits of membership.

We are also taking broader look at how we reach our members in the digital channels they inhabit. Stay tuned as the year unfolds as we make further improvements to improve our engagement with you.