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Development Assessment Monitor

The Institute’s Research Foundation, proudly presented by Construction Skills Queensland, is committed to giving members access to industry data.


The monitor tracks the volume of incoming applications and decision timeframes for key application types quarterly. Our sincere thanks to the local governments that have participated in the survey. Their assistance and transparency is critically important for continuing to build a shared understanding of activity and challenges across our planning system.  We will continue to encourage additional councils to participate in future reporting.

There are three dashboards: 

  • Overview of decision timeframe averages for participating councils
  • SEQ council summaries
  • Regional council summaries. 

Tips for using the dashboards:

  • Use the page button arrows below the dashboard’s green bar to move to the next slide
  • Hover over the charts to see more detail e.g. volume / number
  • Click the arrows to move between application types or use the drop down menu